We provide bespoke tailored real estate solutions to corporates in various sectors with their specific real estate needs in Asia and beyond.

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You can drive efficiencies and margins at every critical stage of the end-to-end life cycle of development from land acquisition, "best-use" building to launch price optimization and monitoring on-going sales.

Banks / Lenders

You can enhance your clients" wealth planning journey so that you can proactively capture your client's needs in real estate investments.


You can better manage your home mortgage insurances, and monitor your insurance portfolio near to real-time basis, which allows you to effectively and efficiently manage the portfolios in a challenging environment in your underwriting business.

Valuation Companies

You can boost and validate your valuation models with greater accuracy closer to real time.

Property Investors

You can leverage on our data analytics to develop strategy and assess risks of your investment portfolio, accurately identify potential land plots, and calculate your projected valuation.

Property Managers

You can access an extensive library of transaction history and market comparables and relate it to neighbouring properties to assess performance of portfolio, and its value at risks to better manage your property portfolio.