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Employee Benefits


At Real Estate Analytics, our team is the greatest asset and the heart of the company. It is our commitment to cultivate creativity and inspire fresh ideas from our employees. We are dedicated to encourage the genius in our employees by providing a supportive environment.

Work-Life Balance

Fuel your passion with Real Estate Analytics. Growth does not end with professional career. We encourage our employees to lead fulfilling lives outside company by providing flexible working hours for them to pursue their passion outside work. We also offer paid parental leave, paid annual leave and flexible working hours.

Health & Medical Benefits

Beyond career and work-life balance, we also encourage a healthy lifestyle. Hence, every employee gets medical coverage and subsidised gym membership.

Be Yourself

Real Estate Analytics embraces diversity and inclusivity. We celebrate our differences, be it skills, background, experiences and/or expertise. Having various points of view is the core to our success.

REA prohibits any forms of discrimination, be it of age, race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, citizenship, disability and any factors unrelated to job requirements.